Updates for GiveWP: Core 2.5.0, Stripe 2.2.0 and Recurring 1.9.0

In the coming weeks, we are going to release GiveWP Core 2.5.0, Stripe 2.2.0 and Recurring Donations 1.9.0 which are interdependent releases. Updating should be straightforward and seamless as we have done extensive rounds of testing and have also maintained backward compatibility as best possible to ensure that these releases don’t break any of your site’s current functionality.

Let’s begin finding out what’s new and changed in the upcoming releases!

GiveWP Core 2.5.0

In this release we have introduced a number of great features, UI improvements, performance optimizations, and fixes.

New Features

There are certain new features of note that we included in GiveWP 2.5.0. The most relevant for free users will be a basic version of Stripe that allows for credit card processing without purchasing the premium addon from us.

Stripe Core

We are excited to announce that we have integrated a basic version of Stripe within Give 2.5.0 (also known as Stripe Core). Now you will be able to process on-page as well as off-page (Stripe Checkout) credit card donations in the free version of GiveWP. So, 2.5.0 onwards, we are supporting donations via PayPal and Stripe.

Also, we have migrated lots of code and files from the Stripe Premium addon to Core 2.5.0. We have renamed functions and hooks with backward compatibility to have proper naming conventions. We suggest you update any deprecated functions and hooks you may have used in your code with the new naming convention to ensure full compatibility.

New Functions
  1. give_stripe_cents_to_dollars – This function is used to convert an amount in cents to dollars.
  2. give_stripe_dollars_to_cents – This function is used to convert an amount in dollars to cents.
  3. give_get_super_global – This function is used to fetch the super global variable by following the best practices and avoiding the WPCS/PHPCS errors. This function is part of Give 2.5.0.
New Hooks
  1. give_stripe_create_intent_args – This filter hook is used to add additional parameters to payment intent arguments for Stripe credit cards.
Deprecated Functions
  1. give_is_stripe_connected is now give_stripe_is_connected – This helper function is used to check whether the Stripe account is connected via the Connect button or not.
  2. give_get_stripe_statement_descriptor is now give_stripe_get_statement_descriptor – This helper function is used to retrieve the statement descriptor saved in the admin settings of Stripe.
  3. give_is_stripe_checkout_enabled is now give_stripe_is_checkout_enabled – This helper function is used to check whether the Stripe checkout is enabled or not.
  4. get_give_stripe_connect_options is not give_stripe_get_connect_settings – This helper function is used to get the connect settings of Stripe.
Deprecated Hooks
  1. Filter get_give_stripe_connect_options is now give_stripe_get_connect_settings - This filter is used to update the connect settings parameters.

Bug Fixes

A number of fixes are going out in 2.5.0, particularly important is the settings importer fixes:

  1. The setting importer was failing when importing certain JSON text/plain‘ mime type files #4097
  2. There was a memory exhausted issue happening when admins attempted to import donations into large databases #4104
  3. A admin settings API bug was causing incorrect data to return when checking for a screens location using tab and section together in Give_Admin_Settings::is_setting_page #4114
  4. Improved the logic when a WP user is disconnected with the GiveWP donor. #4113

User Interface and Experience Fixes and Improvements

  1. The Licensing Page has gotten a makeover to be more user friendly. Now a single license activation field exists rather than many. Once a license is activated the addon can be directly downloaded from the license screen. Once downloaded the addon can then be uploaded and activated directly in the same interface. Licensing also supports the new all access pass bundles, so a single license key will unlock all downloads. No more inserting a half dozen keys! Hooray! #3003
  2. The Welcome Screen has also been improved with an improved “Getting Started” screen. There is also a new tab for the change log and an improved contributors tab.
  3. Goal numerical counts are now properly formatted with thousand separators when the goal is set to display the number of donors or donations #4100
  4. Choosing a select  box with long donation form title will not break page style #4099
  5. Currency formatting symbol settings will auto-populate when choosing a currency #3187
  6. Documentation links are now added to the shortcode builder #3233

Performance Improvements

  1. We improved the plugin’s query performance by loading custom post type metadata via the correct cache key #3983 #3982 #3359
  2. Reduced unnecessary SQL queries #3994
  3. Common settings are now auto loaded to prevent duplicate queries #3872
  4. Reduced the number of AJAX queries when the searching for donation forms #3351 [Admin only]
  5. Removed backward compatibility code from pre-GiveWP Core 2.0.0 #3003

It’s important to note that as a developer if you are using pre-2.0.0 version functionality please review #5 above to ensure complete compatibility with your code and the new core version 2.5.0.

Stripe 2.2.0 (Stripe Premium)

We have improved the Stripe addon (also known as Stripe Premium) for better stability with GiveWP Core 2.5.0 and Stripe Core. Stripe Premium now supports Google Pay and Apple Pay as a standalone payment method which will provide more clarity and flexibility for the donors.

New Functions
  1. give_stripe_is_manual_api_keys_enabled – This helper function is used to check whether the manual API keys are enabled or not from the Stripe advanced settings.
  2. give_stripe_is_preapproved_enabled – This helper function is used to check whether the pre-approval is enabled or not for the payment methods supported by Stripe.

Recurring Donations 1.9.0

We have improved Recurring donations addon to provide better stability with GiveWP 2.5.0, Stripe core, and Stripe Premium. We have implemented changes to provide recurring support to Google Pay and Apple Pay as a standalone payment method. As well, we have implemented certain improvements around webhooks which will properly detect the subscription status and reflect the same in all the relevant subscriptions screens.

Next Major Focus

Once these releases are out we will be shifting our development focus on providing a more rich donation form creation experience. This will include the ability to further customize the look and feel of the donation form (including colors and styles), enhancements to custom fields (basic fields in Core, grouping fields, repeating fields, multiple field locations), and a more customization options that will result in a better experience for admins and donors alike.

The future is exciting for GiveWP. If you’re interested in contributing feel free to check out our GitHub and we’re always looking for talented developers to join our team.


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