Legacy hooks being deprecated within 2.0.7

We’re moving forward with more hook name changes to shed our legacy way of referring to “donations” as “orders”. The hooks are all within the view-payment-details.php file within give/includes/admin/payments/. The hooks are deprecated with backwards compatiblity. If you have WP_DEBUG set to true and are using any of the following hooks you will see a notice requesting you update the hooks to use the new names. If you have set WP_DEBUG to false like on productions sites then no notice will display and the old hooks will continue to work. 🙂

Here are the hooks (all actions):

  • give_view_order_details_billing_before => give_view_donation_details_billing_before
  • give_view_order_details_billing_after => give_view_donation_details_billing_after
  • give_view_order_details_main_before => give_view_donation_details_main_before
  • give_view_order_details_main_after => give_view_donation_details_main_after
  • give_view_order_details_form_top => give_view_donation_details_form_top
  • give_view_order_details_form_bottom => give_view_donation_details_form_bottom
  • give_view_order_details_before => give_view_donation_details_before
  • give_view_order_details_after => give_view_donation_details_after
  • give_view_order_details_files_after => give_view_donation_details_donor_before
  • give_view_order_details_sidebar_before => give_view_donation_details_sidebar_before
  • give_view_order_details_sidebar_after => give_view_donation_details_sidebar_after
  • give_view_order_details_totals_before => give_view_donation_details_totals_before
  • give_view_order_details_totals_after => give_view_donation_details_totals_after
  • give_view_order_details_update_before => give_view_donation_details_update_before
  • give_view_order_details_update_after => give_view_donation_details_update_after
  • give_view_order_details_payment_meta_before => give_view_donation_details_payment_meta_before
  • give_view_order_details_payment_meta_after => give_view_donation_details_payment_meta_after
  • give_view_order_details_update_inner => give_view_donation_details_update_inner

This should be a smooth transition for all. If anyone sees notices in production then check your wp-config.php to be sure you’re not debugging in production. If you have any questions comment below!


Devin Walker

Head of Product and Founder of GiveWP, WordPress enthusiast, WordCamp speaker, mediocre golfer, post-rock obsessed cat lover and aspiring world traveler.


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