Give – What Happens When Downgrading from 2.0 to 1.8.*

Give 2.0 is a major release which contains a number of large changes including caching, an extensive database refactor, and setting refactoring. We’re doing everything we can to ensure a smooth rollout. This means prepared well ahead of time and testing all environment and implementation possibilities.

Despite all the thorough review and testing things can still go wrong. Accordingly, please perform a backup of your website before updating to 2.0. There are many good tools that can help with this like WP Time Capsule and Backup Buddy.

You shouldn’t have to ever upgrade and downgrade again with Give core but in the rare case that you do we want you to be informed on how to do so and what it means.

Give 2.0 Release Updating and Downgrading

In this GitHub issue we are examining what happens when an admin updates Give to 2.0+, has a problem, and then downgrades to 1.8.* without changing the database. Disclaimer: we don’t expect this to happen and should you have a question about needing to downgrade please contact support first.

The downgrade can happen with WP Rollback should an admin need to go back to the previous version.

The following are challenges with downgrading:

  1. Any donations received after the 2.0 upgrade will be created using the new meta keys. If an admin downgrades those donations created in 2.0 will not display properly in 1.8.*. This is likely the biggest concern when downgrading from 2.0 in the case of a conflict or other issue.
  2. Donors created in 2.0+ will not display properly in 1.8.* if downgraded. Similar to the donation meta keys the same is for donors. After 2.0+ the new and improved database logic takes into effect and any donations and donors created will use the new schema.
  3. If an admin created any new forms in 2.0+ the form’s “Offline Donations” email settings will not work properly. We renamed the setting option keys to use the new Email API in 2.0+. The admin would have to go back into that form and re-configure that setting for it to work after downgrading and the previous settings in use will be used.
  4. New core email settings will be created after the database upgrade. If an admin changes these settings after the 2.0+ upgrade then it will not work once downgraded to 1.8.*. The previous settings prior to upgrade will take effect.
  5. If an admin upgrades and then downgrades and then upgrades again the future you should restart the upgrade routine to bring the intermittent data up to date with Give 2.0+. To restart the upgrade process delete the “give_completed_upgrades” option key using delete_options.

Ensuring a Smooth Rollout for All

We’re confident everything will be smooth for the 2.0 rollout. Here’s what we’re doing to ensure that the 2.0 release is a success:

  • Continue spreading the word about the upcoming 2.0 release well in advance and educate admins
  • Test thoroughly to remove chances of significant bugs. After 2.0+ release we will be on high alert and will release quick point releases should a problem be found until the plugin is fully stable.
  • Rolling out 2.0 to beta testers to test the new version on actual implementations. If you’re interested in beta testing please let us know in the comments below!

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