Give 1.8.14 – Give_Notices Class Update

In Give version 1.8.9 we introduced the Notices API. In release 1.8.14 we are adding improvements to the API so that you can create non-dismissible notice without a close icon appearing [Read]. This type of notice should only be used for very important messages, like blockers, such as database updates and missing dependancies.

Here is a general code example to create a notice with the Give_Notices API:

    'id' => '' // Value: unique notice id
    'type' => '' // Value: error/warning/success/info/updated
    'description' => '' // Value: notice message content
    'dismissible' => '' // Value: auto/true/false. if set to true then notice will auto class in 5 seconds
    'dismissible_type' => '' // Value: null/user/all
    'dismiss_interval' => '' // Value shortly/permanent/custom
    'dismiss_interval_time' => '' // Value: time interval in seconds (only need if dismiss_interval set to custom)


If you want to create non-dismissible notice without close icon set dismissible to false.

Non dismissible notices without close icon

In addition to the new non-dismissible notice enhancement we have deprecated the auto-dismissible parameter for simply dismissible with backward compatibility.

We’re also working to create inline notices and other additional notice enhancements in the future so stay tuned!


Ravinder Kumar

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