Give 2.0 – Introducing an Improved Email System

In Give version 2.0+, we are making many enhancements to the core email settings. First off, all of the core emails now can be editing on a global or per form basis. As well, you can now preview and send test emails for all email types. We’ve put a lot of work into this new email API to make it flexible for both developers and WordPress backend managers.

Our hope is that this update frees you from having to spend time writing any complex code for your custom emails. As well, with the power to customize and preview emails

Let’s Explore Further:

Better email interface and easier testing. Previously you could only preview specific emails. In 2.0+ we developed the new Send Email and Preview Email features to reduce the amount of time it takes to check and test your emails.

Better email testing tools

Email testing tools

Quick change email notification status:

You can easily click on email notification status icon to the change notification status.

Quick Edit email notification status

Easy edit email notification status

Better email listings:

Now you can see all core or custom email at one place with brief information about them.

Email List

Email List

Per Email Settings

Now you will have more control on global and per form email settings.

Global email setting:

Global email setting

Global email setting

Per form email setting:

Per form email setting

Per form email setting

How to Create Custom Emails

To create a custom email notification you can easily extend the Give_Email_Notification class. You can then easily set the configuration for your email notification. You can find list of config options here:

You can also check out this snippet which we created for custom email notification:

You can find core default notification here:


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