Support for Per User Language Settings Coming in Version 1.8.9

WordPress has supported per user language settings since version 4.7. This allows users to set their preferred language under their profile settings. If you are running a multilingual website, this is a vital feature for those users who don’t speak the site wide language setting.

Up until now, Give has only supported the site wide language setting. This means that if you changed your profile’s language setting to another language, all core WP menu items would update but Give would still be using the site’s language setting. With the upcoming release of Give 1.8.9 this is no more. Now your users can enjoy Give in the language they prefer, providing that there is a translation available for that specific language.

How it Works

If you are using WordPress 4.7+ (and you should be) then your site users can now change the language to their preference in wp-admin:

Per User Language Setting

Per User Language Setting

When I change the setting to Deutsch, you’ll see Give’s menu update as well:

Prior to 1.8.9 this menu item would have been in English, the site setting.

As well, the donations forms will also respect the user setting:

Frontend Give for In German, the User's Language Setting

Frontend Give for In German, the User’s Language Setting

More i18n Extras

  • WPML has been fully audited for support with the help of their developer Vuk Vukovic. Thanks for that! You can also see our page here on their site:
  • Simplified load_textdomain() method within the main give.php file – the use of unload_textdomain() allows for the per user language setting to work.

Don’t See Your Language? Help Us Translate Give

We’re always looking for help supporting more languages with the plugin. If you are multilingual, please consider helping translate our plugin!

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